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At Noplex there's nothing complex about it.

We use a statistical based algorithm we developed over the last 30 years for stock trades delivered to you daily so you can Get in, Get out & Move on

Discover the profitable Noplex Stock Trading System

Three decades of statistical research has been combined into a daily model that picks the stock for you to buy at tomorrow's opening market bell


How do I use the Noplex Stock Report?

After watching our Youtube videos and learning more about the daily stock picks, just subscribe to our no obligation newsletter.  The statistical stock pick of the day will be delivered straight to you

Where do I trade?

Anywhere you prefer. Any online stock trading platform will place your orders and safeguard your account.  you're in control of your investment porrtfolio

Is there an annual committment?

No.  Subscribe month to month and enjoy three decades of statistical stock modeling for actionable daily trades.

How do I trade?

How we do it is to place our order at "the market" the next morning to get in right away. Then we place a sell order 5% - 10% higher than our buy price and get out quickly with daily profits. Yes, sometiomes the stock surges 20% - 25% but we're content to make 5% daily and be ready for the next trade

How much stock should I buy?

Many cients start off with $1,000 to $2,500 in an online broker account of their choice.  Most realize quickly that the system is simple and they can make money in 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day - often before they leave for their regular job.  Retired folks usually create their own account with a substantially larger initial investment.  Always diversify and limit this daily profit type trading to 10% or less of your assets.  It's fun and profitable because we don't buy and hold for decades...we Get in, Get out & Move On so we can trade profitably again tomorrow

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Noplex - SBPH 5% gain in 2 minutes

Using the Noplex Stock Report we trade SBPH for a 5% gain in two minutes of day trading. You can too - simply subscribe today

Noplex trades ARC 5.3% gain 21 minutes

Using the Noplex Stock Report suggested stock of the day we trade ARC along with the subscribers for a 5.30% gain in just 21 minutes. you can too - scroll and subscribe now

Noplex trades RIOT 5% profit in 37 mniutes

Using the Noplex Stock Report statistical algorithm you can make 5.08% in 37 minutes like we did. subscribe today!

Noplex trades SINT for 5.43% in 1 day

Another successful trade using the Noplex statistical modeling algorithm, Trading SINT we made 5.43% in just 4 hours. You can too..subscribe now!

Noplex trades OCGN 5.68% profit

The Noplex Stock Report's algorithm suggested OCGN for a 5.68% profit in FOUR MINUTES!!!

OiiM traded for 5% 1 day gain

The Noplex Stock Report guided subscribers to another one day 5% gain using our 30 year statistical technique

AMPE trade 5.68% profit in 86 minutes

The Noplex Stock Report told subscribers to trade AMPE to capture a 5.68% profit in just 86 minutes. Subscribe today to get the next Noplex Stock Report pick of the day

Noplex trades FTFT for a 5% gain in one day

The Noplex Stock Report was used to trade FTFT to produce a 5.09% profit in 20 minutes for phenomenal results

Noplex trades IBIO for a 5.07% gain

Noplex Stock Report traded biotech company IBIO which is developing a Covid-19 solution. Profiting 5.07% in 1 & 1/2 trading days so you can "Get in, Get out & Move On"

Noplex trades CVEO for 12% gain

Noplex Stock Report traded CVEO for a fast 12%

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We trade HTBX 5.22% Profit in 3 minutes

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Quick Overview of the Noplex Stock Report

A brief overview of the Noplex Stock Report and why it is perfect for daily profits in the stock market